From now on, the popular DOCTERsight reflex sights are available in a limited colour edition. With regard to the DOCTERsight C edition, you can choose between the shades of colour Safety Orange, Flat Dark Earth, Savage Stainless and Camouflage.

With the colours, however, you do not only make a strong statement – but you have also very specific functions for hunting: With “Safety Orange”, you choose a warning and signal colour, “Flat Dark Earth” and “Camouflage” serve as camouflage and “Savage Stainless” convinces, thanks to its noble appearance, primarily as supplement for hunting weapons with high-quality silver engravings.

The surfaces with the innovative and extremely robust CerakoteTM coating may be new – in terms of the interior of our reflex sights, however, we count on continuity: Workmanship and visual appearance deserve the rating “excellent” – as usual for DOCTER products. The models of the DOCTERsight C edition are equipped as standard with two softcovers.